INBOX Is an End-to-end Encrypted Communication Application Between Wallets

Note: Not Financial Advice, Do Ur Own Research
Recommended wallet:
Chrome extension: TokenPocket extension wallet
Mobile terminal: TokenPocket
Introduction to INBOX:
The end-to-end encrypted communication between wallets is protected by your Ethereum address. Anyone can use their ENS or 0x address to send and receive messages to any wallet.
INBOX use tutorial:
1、Open the INBOX official website , the introduction of the official website is very brief, click launch INBOX.
2、Automatically jump to the interface, clickCONNECTtransferdfoxMake a connection.
INBOX is an application on the Ethereum public chain, so you need to useEthereum networkTo connect.
3、After completing the dofx connection, the second step is requiredActivate INBOX, ClickActivateCall dfox.
Click in the dfox interfaceSignComplete the signature.
The third step needs to generate a safeINDOX key, The same will automatically call dfox. hope to get your public encryption key. After you agree, the website will be able to send you encrypted information. Click on the bottom right corner provide(Provide)After confirmation, you can jump to the INBOX message sending interface.
4、The interface function is very simple, the upper right corner is some basic functions, clickSEND NEW MESSAGE (send new message)You can enter the information editing interface.
5、In the TO column, you can fill in the beginning of 0xEthereum address or ENS short domain address, The MESSAGE column is the content of the editing information.
Fill in the address, edit the content and click SIGN TO SEND. You will see the prompt in the figure below, click Continue. It can be sent automatically.
6、Use the receiving address to log in to INBOX, you can see the sent information in the list, useGreen arrowSaid, and the speed of sending and receiving messages is very fast.