How to use Ethereum Token Approval Checker

Recommended wallet:
Chrome extension: TokenPocket extension wallet
Mobile terminal: TokenPocket
Foresight News: according to the SlowMist Zone feedback, at 16:00 on July 17, was attacked by hackers. The hackers carried out phishing attacks by implanting malicious JS files in, deceiving users to sign setApprovalForAll(address, bool) transactions, thereby stealing the user's NFT and other assets. The SlowMist security team reminds users that if you use, please check the approval settings and cancel the malicious one in time.
Thus, we have made a tutorial on how to use Ethereum Token Approval Checker which is the authorization management tool in the Ethereum browser.

User guide:

1、Open the link which requires the “cooperation” of the extension wallet, and click “Connect to Web3”.
Select “MetaMask” in the pop-up options, which will automatically call the TokenPocket extension.
Select the wallet to be connected, and then click “Confirm”.
2、Once connected, the tool will automatically detect the approval record of the wallet address. You can also enter other addresses here to view the record, but these addresses are only for view and can’t be approved.
In this tool, you can check the approval status of various types of tokens such as ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155, and the list at the bottom will display the approval hash value, amount, date, address, and revoke options.
Click “Revoke” on the right side of the contract address to be operated, and you will find the token and approving address on the pop-up. After confirming it is correct, click “Revoke” to call the TokenPocket extension for approval.
In the pop-up authorization interface, if you want to speed up the operation, you can increase GWEI. Click “Confirm” and submit it to the chain to complete the final permission clearance.