Be wary of new ways of stealing tokens

The transaction call Smart contract scam is a new type scam, which is different with the "Approve", the transaction call Smart contract scam will not leave a record on the chain, and what you see is just an ordinary token transfer operation, which is more concealed often mining is used to commit fraud。
Ordinary, when you access a fake website and take part in the mining or a airdrop event, it can automatically obtained the amount of USDT you hold and set the the pop-up window calls all of them. So users can only see the simple transfer operation and if you execute the "Approve" operation, all your USDT will be transferred.
To protect users' assets, TokenPocket works very hard. On the version 1.5.0, TokenPocket supports the parameter reading of contract call transfer, you can see the number of USDT calls at the top of the operation interface; version 1.5.1 directly limits the call commands for such contracts to call the assets, which is prohibit calls , you will see a reminder for illegal parameters, as shown below: