Transit Hacked Assets Claiming Tutorial

Dear users, we are deeply sorry for the incident of TransitFinance being hacked. We are here to update the latest progress and solutions:
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    In a responsible attitude to users, TransitFinance will eventually refund 100% of the user’s losses. TransitFinance will refund the hacked assets in two steps. The first part is to refund the assets that the hackers have returned, and the second part is to return the remaining unreturned users’ assets of the hackers. The refund plan for the second part will be announced as soon as possible.
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    The Transit Hacking Event website will be updated today so that users can check whether the personal loss data is accurate, and the first part of the refund asset will be accessible to claim on October 7th. Refund link, https://www.transit.finance/event/index.html#/
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    We hope that all hackers, attack imitators, and front-running arbitrageurs involved in this event will negotiate amicably according to the bug bounty and refund reward (5% of the relevant amount), and return the remaining user assets. As of October 8, 2022, we will regard hackers, attack imitators and front-running arbitrageurs who have not returned user assets as attackers, and assist users to start relevant legal procedures together, seek the intervention of law enforcement agencies, until all hacked funds are recovered.
We sincerely appreciate your patience and trust, and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused! At the same time, for all the relevant users in the community, please do not believe in or spread rumors, to avoid the secondary damage!

Update: On 7 October, the first part of the Attacked Returned Assets started Claim, update the tutorial here.

1、'Open TokenPocket and click [Discover] to open the DApp Browser.
2、Click to open the claim link, fill in the address where you lost the tokens to check, then scroll down the page to the location where you submitted the data, click [Claim] to claim, a transaction interface will pop up, check the claim information and click OK to claim, the future generation of tokens will soon arrive at your claim address. Please use a secure new address for the transfer, and be sure to check your address before making the transfer.
Historical Information:The time of the boisterous Transit coin theft attack has taken a new turn, with an official series timeline and links to address verification and subsequent claims, so here's a quick run-down on those.

Validation by a normally stolen user

Open the verification link https://www.transit.finance/event/index.html#/ , fill in your stolen address in the verification column of the link, if you have more than one stolen address please verify multiple times, confirm the number of stolen, if the verification is correct after no need to perform any operation, patiently wait for the time node given by the official wait Claim.
(Please do not perform the operation of special case submission after the quantity is verified correctly, if the data is submitted incorrectly, then the subsequent review may delay the progress of your Claim)

Treatment of special cases

Because special case submissions require a linked wallet to be submitted, this is done to prevent restrictions that others may mess with, here it is necessary to use the TokenPocket wallet's DApp browser to work with it, open TokenPocket and click [Discover] to open the DApp browser.
Open the verification link and fill in the address of your lost tokens to view, then drop down the page to the location of the submitted data, according to the problems you actually encountered to submit, must must leave the correct email, the follow-up official will communicate with the users of these special case problems.
(Please do not perform the operation of special case submission after the quantity is checked correctly, if you submit the wrong data, then the subsequent audit may delay the progress of your Claim)
Just wait patiently after successful submission.