How to use BscScan Approval Checker

Note: Not Financial Advice, Do Ur Own Research
Recommended wallet:
Chrome extension: TokenPocket extension wallet
Mobile terminal: TokenPocket

Token Approval Management Portal

Open the BSC browser link: Click the “More” drop-down menu in the upper right corner and select “Token Approvals”.

How to use approval checker:

1、Open the approval checker link: In the interface, you can see the query bar, the entry to connect wallet, approval record including time and token, and other information.
2、Click the “Connect to Web3”, and a list will pop up. Selecting MetaMask will automatically call the TokenPocket extension wallet.
Select the wallet address to be operated, and click “Confirm”.
3、Then you can see a prompt that shows connected. (If the connection is not successful, you can refresh the interface or try again). Here, select the icon behind the order that needs to be canceled and click.
In the pop-up interface, 1 represents the approved token contract address, 2 means the approved spender. Click “Revoke” to call the TokenPocket extension wallet for authorization.
From the approval pop-up, you can see that the number of approval here is modified to 0, and the calling address is also the approved address in the above figure. Its principle is to recall the approved address and modify the number of approvals to zero, so as to achieve the purpose of cancellation.
When encountering malicious approval, please stop deposit to this wallet address immediately. Malicious approval will only transfer the approved token within the approved amount, and will not affect other tokens. Of course, you’d better create a new address and transfer all assets to the new address, or use the approval management tool to clean up this malicious authorization and continue to use it.