Game Play Experience: The Crypto You

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Recommended wallet:
Chrome extension: TokenPocket extension wallet
Mobile terminal: TokenPocket

About The Crypto You

The Crypto You is the first Baby Metaverse blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players can summon characters, complete daily mining missions, conquer the Dark Force, loot rare items to play and earn.
You’ll need a certain number of BNB as gas fee, and prepare at least 50 BABY which you can swap on BabySwap.

Mint Babies

Users can mint their Baby character in the “Get Your Baby” section, and it will cost 50 BABY to mint for a random character.
If you have The Crypto You NFB on BabySwap, you could redeem your NFB to mint the same game character, and your NFB will be burnt. Please note that the action is permanent and irrevocable, so make sure you want to redeem before taking actions. Each character will get a random role/score/rarity, in a form of NFT. Players can transfer/gift/sell the characters in the market.
Each address can mint or redeem up to 5 Baby characters per day.

About Baby Level

The original summoned Baby characters are all at Level 1. You need to consume a certain amount of MILK to level up your Baby. The higher level your Baby is, the more MILK you would need to level up next. You could earn MILK through Daily Mining, PVE, etc. Level is one of the most important attributes a Baby has, so it will directly increase your power and mining efficiency, but it will not increase your basic data. A high-level mining task needs Babies with a compatible level.
Please note that when you upgrade your high-level Baby character, there’s a possibility of failure. If you fail to upgrade, your Baby character will disappear permanently.

The Crypto You Game Demo

1、Go to the official web: The upper left corner is the common function area, respectively: Home, Game, Markets, Liquidity Mining, Game Wiki(white paper); In the upper right corner, you can see Buy MILK, Buy BABY and Connect Wallet section. Click “Connect Wallet” to connect your wallet for the first time. The small ball in the upper right corner can switch languages, supporting 12 different languages.
Choose TokenPocket or Metamask, acquiescently it will activate dfox, then select an account to confirm the login.
2、Click GAME in the upper left corner, you can see the function menu at the top, which are: Get Your Baby, My Baby, Daily mining, PVE (not open), Open Chests (coming soon), Leaderboard (coming soon) and Referral; The first operation requires at least 50 BABY tokens. Click Approve BABY and dFOX pops up to complete the authorization operation.
You can click “Buy $Baby” on the home page to swap 50 $BABY to mint your BABY
3、After approving the BABY, click “Mint with 50 BABY (5/5), every day you can min5 5 BABY at most. Activate dfox to”Sign”.
After completing the operation, you can see the baby's parameters in My Baby sector. The first line shows the baby's Token ID, role, rarity, and other information, the second part shows the baby's detailed contents, and the third line shows the available functions. Click “Approve Sell” can list BABY to the marketplace to sell. Click “Transfer” can transfer the baby to different addresses, By clicking “Approve Level up” and consuming some MILK, you can upgrade your BABY . Daily Mining allows babies to join the Mining team to earn MILK.
4、Click “Daily Mining”, you need the “Approve” operation for the first time (You can click “Change” to choose another BABY that you’d like to put into Daily Mining.
After “Approve”, click “Start Working”, when pop-up dfox, click “Confirm”. Done, your BABY is on mining to earn MILK now.
Dragging down in the “Daily Mining” interface, you will see below info: Baby at Home, Baby at Work, Unclaimed MILK. You can click “Claim Reward” to claim your MILK after your Baby mining for a certain period of time. Click “Quit” to quit Baby on mining. Different characters have different skills in work, please pay attention to the requirements in each station. The high level a station is, the more MILK you can earn.
5、On “Market” you can explore the Babies that you like to buy.
You need “Approve” to buy for the first time.