Beefy Approval Management Tutorial(for mobile)

Note: Not Financial Advice, Do Ur Own Research
Recommended wallet:
Chrome extension: TokenPocket extension wallet
Mobile terminal: TokenPocket
It is said that foreign monks preach better. Today I find a foreign-developed authorization management tool, and feel it is simple and practical after testing, so I especially recommend it to you.
1、Open TokenPocket, click “Discover”, and enter the link of this tool at the top: When you open it, you will see a very simple interface. It will automatically connect to your wallet, and display the approval history. Here you can choose the individual authorization and click “Revoke” to cancel the authorization, or you can choose “Revoke 10” and “Revoke all” in the upper right position to conduct bulk operations.
In the authorization record, displayed in the front is the token address, the middle is the authorized spender and the last is the amount.
2、Here we choose one as an example. Click “Revoke”, and “Authorization operation will be executed soon” will pop up. You can focus on the prompt in the markup window. This is a kind of learning and accumulation of basic knowledge. Press “continue” and you can see “Authorized Address” and “Authorized Amount” in the new pop-up. The authorized address here is the address that has been authorized. The so-called authority management means re-call the executed contract address, and carry out the zero resetting. Check and click “Confirm Payment”.
3、Enter password to approve, and you can see a green “Revoke” button which means canceling is ongoing. Once completed, you will find the record disappeared, which represents all the work done.
PS: We have to develop the daily viewing habit of authorization management, and revoke the authorization according to our actual situation. This is a very good and secure habit. supports a variety of public chains, and the user experience is very simple and efficient.