Beefy Approval Management Tutorial(for PC)

Today I find a foreign-developed authorization management tool, and feel it is simple and practical after testing, so I especially recommend it to you.
1、open, and it will automatically call the TokenPocket extension wallet. We switch to the corresponding public chain that requires authorization and management, such as the BSC chain we demonstrated here. (You can click to switch between different public chains at the top left of the extension wallet)
The interface of the tool is very simple. After the wallet is successfully connected, the authorized records will be automatically displayed. Here, you can choose the individual authorization and click “Revoke” to cancel the authorization, or you can choose “Revoke 10” and “Revoke all” in the upper right position to conduct bulk operations.
The address under the “Token” represents the authorized token address information, and the “Authorized Spender” means the authorized address information, and the “Allowance” corresponds to the amount of authorizations.
2、We can clean up permissions by our own choices. For example, I am testing to clean up an authorization here. Just click “Revoke”, and then the authorization window will pop up in the extension wallet. Here, the authorized address will be called, and the number of authorizations will be reset to zero to complete the cleaning permissions. Click “confirm” and wait for a while to complete the cancellation.
PS: If you need to use the function of “Revoke 10” or “Revoke all”, it means the amount of authorizations x10 or all authorizations. As shown in the extension below, this address has 54 authorizations and needs to be called and cleaned up 54 times. What needs to be explained here is that the more operations, the more consumption of gas fee, so in the case of a lot of authorization, you can directly choose to create a new address to use.
We need to develop the daily viewing habit of authorization management, and clean up the authorization through our actual situation. This is a very good and secure habit. supports a variety of public chains, and the user experience is very simple and efficient.