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As more and more people choose to join the Web3, the decentralized content publishing platform Mirror has attracted more and more people's attention. More and more people hope to express their opinions freely in words and become content creators. And as Mirror is open to everyone, it has become the first choice of these people. Articles published in Mirror can be stored in AR for free. At the same time, the articles can be cast as NFT for their fans to collect. The creators themselves can also get more More benefits.
Mirror is a community-owned and operated protocol and economy. The value of Mirror is the total value of community work, which means that existing members are related to the cultural and economic interests of contributors.
Mirror function at a glance
Mirror tutorial
1、Open the official website of Mirror: and click on the upper right cornerConnect Wallet, Select MetaMask from the pop-up list tune-up dfox
2、After connecting to dfox, you will come to the Mirror initial interface, here you need to click once Connect Wallet to remember your login status
Click on the pop-up interface Remember Me
After completing the authorization(Sign) in dfox, you can log in successfully.
3、The main functions of Mirror are concentrated inThe left side of the interface, There are a variety of functional classifications, and users can choose to use them according to their needs. Click on the icon in the lower-left corner to return to the home page of the Entries article.
4、Novice users want to quickly get started with many functions in Mirror, it is recommended to click “Guide” on the left to gain more knowledge.
5、On the left side of Mirror’s “Setting” function, you can set the name, avatar, bind ENS domain name or mailbox, etc.
6、We mainly link to the editing function of the article entry, click Create Your First Entry to edit the article.
7、Editing interface middle part functions are edit title, edit content, link import (a very useful function), Bottom function bar options, images, lists, NFT previews, and other functions that can be inserted. Settings in the upper right corner and NFT function is recommended to refer to the operation guide to set.
8、When we finish editing the article, click publish function in the upper right corner, that is to say, the publication is successful, and there is no return to the previous step in the article editing function, so this requires us to be more careful when editing. I believe that the follow-up will add auxiliary functions similar to article editing.
9、After the article is published, go back to the entry interface and click Create Entry to create a new article, click the icon in the upper right corner to view help, On the right side of the article ... You can edit or delete articles in the menu bar, click<The article opened by the symbol can copy the link and share it with a friend.
Mirror's DAO function
Click the + position in the upper left corner of the interface to see the $WRITE interface, Click Enter $WRITE RACE
$WRITE RACE is a weekly duel between people who join Mirror DAO. The community voted to select the next person to receive DAO membership. At the end of every 2 hours, the top 10 people will airdrop a $WRITE token, which can be used to redeem mirror members, subdomains, and future community benefits.
can click to “learn more” to view the content of historical issues.
The functions of Mirror are very rich, and it takes some time to understand how to use it. This article is just a foreshadowing and completed the basic functions of item creation. I hope that more people can share their own intentions and help others grow together.